Sample Manuals & Cards

Scenario card from “The Decade of War”, Multi-Man Publishing.
(Adobe Indesign)

Several cards from “Stalin’s War”, GMT Games.
(Adobe Illustrator)

Sample page from the Playbook for “Stalin’s War”, GMT Games.
(Adobe Indesign & Adobe Photoshop)

Counter sheet for “The Battle for Normandy”, GMT Games.
(Adobe Illustrator)

Player Aid Card for “The Battle for Normandy”, GMT Games.
(Adobe Indesign & Adobe Illustrator)

Player Aid Card for “Washington’s War”, GMT Games.
(Adobe InDesign)

Sample page from “PQ-17” Playbook, GMT Games.
(Adobe InDesign)

Astronomical Features Chart for re-release of “Phil Pritchard’s ‘Lensman’”, Norstrilia Software.
(Adobe Illustrator)

Page from "Advanced Squad Leader" (ASL) rules manual.
(8.5x11, full-color, 3-hole punched, expandable)

2-page spread from monthly newsletter for a Civil War reenacting organization.
(5.5x8.5, 1-color, 12-16 pp, saddle-stitch)

Page from "Across Five Aprils" rules manual.
(8x11, 2-color, 16 pp, saddle-stitch)

Page from "WW2 ~ A Philatelic Review," a topical stamp album.
(8.5x11, 1-color, 3-hole punched, expandable)

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