Dedicated professional with over twenty-five years experience in the board and computer gaming industry. Extremely experienced in working with other talented individuals to produce a top-quality game product. Have worked extensively producing maps and scenarios, campaigns, game system designs, and editing & laying out game manuals, player aid cards and "counter sheets" for board games.

Summary of qualifications
Superior ability to manage time and resources to achieve immediate and long-term goals.
Proficient in Quark Xpress, MS Word & Excel, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Ability to execute a number of tasks simultaneously.
Proven ability to analyze, plan and execute.
Solid written and oral communication skills.

Work Experience
2008 - Present: ckiblerGRAFIX, Edgewood, MD
Owner & Operator

ckiblerGRAFIX provides experienced and professional graphic art services to small board wargame companies nationwide. Services include graphics for maps, counters, game manuals, scenario & player aid cards, as well as proofreading and editing. Some of the projects completed or being worked on are...
*.....Maps, counters, rules manual and player aid card for GMT's Battles with the Gringos!.
*.....Counters for GMT's PQ-17 game.
*.....Scenarios and counters for MMP's Valor of the Guards game, an Historical ASL module.
*.....Maps and counters for GMT's Dead of Winter game, part of their Great Battles of the American Civil War series..
*.....Maps for MMP's Battle Above the Clouds game, part of the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series.

2000 - 2008: BreakAway Ltd., Hunt Valley, MD
Senior Designer

At BreakAway I planned and designed scenarios and gaming "worlds" for many different entertainment game systems, such as Waterloo, Austerlitz, Cleopatra, Emperor, Civilization IV, as well as for several "serious game" systems, such as Incident Commander, Code Orange & mosbe. I also continued to hone my editing and layout skills by working on numbers of game manuals, and found time to produce freelance game maps and other pieces for board wargames.
*.....Worked with other designers and programmers to design and implement game systems.
*.....Worked with programmer and QA teams debug and produce top-quality products.
*.....Communicated with other team members on a daily basis to ensure goals are being met.

1995 - 2000: TalonSoft, Inc., Baltimore, MD
Designer/Art Director /Playtest Coordinator/Asst. Producer/Researcher

While at TalonSoft I wore many "hats," including Art Director, editor, researcher, QA lead, as well as map and scenario designer. I helped design and research the "Battleground" games' maps and scenarios. Throughout this period I continued to do game graphics, as well as laying out many game manuals using Quark Xpress publishing software.
*.....Communicated with play-testers on a daily basis to ensure their goals are being met.
*.....Researched and designed most maps and scenarios in the "Battleground" Shiloh, Antietam, and Bull Run games. Designed many scenarios, maps and campaign games for TalonSoft's East Front/West Front series.
*.....Utilized the Library of Congress and National Archives for research purposes.
*.....Coordinated with game's producer and programmer to insure a complete and quality product in the given timeframe.

1981 - 1995: Avalon Hill Game Company, Baltimore, MD

Worked in the Monarch/Avalon Hill art department for over 14 years. While technically an artist, I also designed two complete game modules for Advanced Squad Leader (one a system to play the game solitaire, as well as a historical module about factory fighting in Stalingrad). I also managed playtesters and proofed lots of text.
*.....Designed ASL's Red Barricades module (including map, campaign rules & scenarios).
*.....Worked with various editors for "The General" magazine, doing art for articles, proofing, and magazine layout. Also laid out, edited, illustrated and proofed many board and computer game manuals.
*.....Executed map artwork and manuals for Joe Balkoski's operational-level Civil War series games (Stonewall Jackson's Way, Roads to Gettysburg, etc.). I have recently (May, 2008) completed a map for a new game in this series, Battle Above the Clouds.
*.....Designed many boardgame maps, from initial idea & layout to final printed product.

1979 - 1980: Homer Advertising, Inc., Kingsport, TN

Worked at a small but technically demanding advertising agency. Designed and executed precise logo artwork and developed an ad campaign from initial concept to published ads.
*.....Gained experience in the advertising and design field.

1978 (summer) Roving Photographer Eastern United States
Photographer at Cheerleader Camps

Traveled from New Orleans to Gettysburg to Muskogee photographing at cheerleader camps. I found this to be an excellent and interesting summer job for a college student.
*.....Learned to professionally manage time and resources, as well as plan and direct photo "shoots" with a fog of young girls.

1975 - 1979................. University of Tennessee............................... Knoxville, TN
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Design
.....(GPA 3.8)
*.....Minor in History


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